The menu at The Country Eatery changes with the season so we can take advantage of the amazing local seasonal organic produce on offer.

Our Grab & Go selection is available throughout the day as well as our coffee and smoothie wellness bar items.

We of course also serve our wonderful  savory, sweets and cakes cabinet items and our range of cold pressed juices, nut milks and tonics. Super delicious and very good for you. We also have our range of retail products on offer  - it's amazing what you can fit in a small space with a bit of determination. 


Whats in the fridge?

Grab  & Go  our prices range from ($4-$14)

• Cold Pressed Juices

• Nut Milks 

• Tonics & Shots

• Vegan Parfaits

• Chia Puddings


• Dips & Dressings

• Soups & Sauces

• Salads & Bowls

• Killer Sandwiches

• Raw Wraps 


Sunday Brunch! Let's DO ThiS!

Each Sunday we invite you to join us for a breakfast/lunch buffet. We will be serving up delicious fare all locally sourced and super healthy! Open only for those who seriously want to Brunch :)