We offer healthy and nutritious cold press juices, nut & seed mylks, tonics and super healthy and detoxifying cleanse packages.

- All juices and mylks are subject to change slightly with the seasonal ingredients. 



Why Cold Pressed? 

What’s the hype about? Let’s clarify that right here, right now.

The cold press process works using two large hydraulic plates which move together ever so slowly to gently press the juice from the fruit & vegetables. This gentle process allows the cellular structure of the fruit to remain intact. Leaving you with an extremely nutrient dense juice that is not only incredibly good for you, but tastes amazing too. You’ll never, ever go back.


Green Flash - $10

Power Detox Immunity
Organic locally grown greens, cucumber, lemon, parsley

Fire Me Up - $10

Power Weight Loss Digestion
Organic pineapple, cucumber, kale, jalapeño, cilantro

Laid Back - $10

Energy digestion detox
Organic green apple celery, spinach, mint

The Alkalizer - $10

Metabolism Digestion Immunity
Organic lemon, grapefruit , orange, cayenne poder, maple syrup, turmeric, ginger , clove oil , black pepper , filtered water

Liquid Gold - $10

Skin Food Mood Lift - Energy Booster
Organic carrots, sweet potato , lemongrass, lime, papaya 

RooteR - $10

Endurance Weight Loss Mood Lift
Organic carrot,  beetroot, lime, cayenne pepper, ginger, wild orange essential oil

Spice it Up - $10

Immunity Inflammation Energy
Organic carrot, orange, turmeric, black pepper, ginger


The Hydrator - $10

Energy Cleansing Weight Management. 
Watermelon, beetroot, mint , lime

Do The Dew - $10

Weight Management Hydration Digestion
Honey Dew, pear, cucumber, basil, ginger, lime

The Cleanser - $10

Cleanser Detoxer Metabolism (hangover helper)
Activated Charcoal, lemon, honey, filtered water





Our Mylks are cold pressed, combining all the goodness of juices with the added benefits of healthy fats and protein from the nuts and seeds-good for brain power, stabilizing blood sugar, boosting metabolism and energy levels.  Our Mylks are rich and filling and are the perfect breakfast alternative, meal replacement or just a great healthy snack.

- All our Mylks at the cafe can be blended into a Healthy Shake for an extra $2.


Yogi - $10

Brain Power Anti-inflammatory Probiotic
Organic Almond Mylk , coconut meat, turmeric, black pepper , mango, cardamon, vanilla, vegan yoghurt, coconut nectar, Hawaiian Salt

Cocao Mylk - $10

Mood Lift - Hormone Helper Weight Management
Organic Brazil nut Mylk, coconut water, dates, cacao powder, cinnamon, vanilla

Dirty Chai - $10

Fatigue Fighter Brain Booster Alertness
Chai Tea, coconut Mylk, coconut nectar, vanilla , 'Brain Potion'

Green Machine - $10

Energy Endurance Brain Booster
Organic pumpkin seed Mylk, spinach, cucumber, ginger, mint, dates





Most juice cleanses promote sudden changes in diet and lifestyle which often results in a negative experience. Our programs promote gradual preparation and exit, and can include both plant-based foods and juices.

Give your body that digestive vacation.  Eliminate built up toxins  in your body. Eliminate built-up toxins in your body and reset with positive and motivating intentions




$45/day or $65/day with prepared food

3 cold pressed juice, 1 booster, 1 protein shake, 2 plant based meal, 1 Ayurvedic soup.



$55/day or $75/day with prepared food

3 cold pressed juices, 2 boosters, 1 nut mylk, 3 plant based meals. 




5 cold pressed juices, 1 nut mylk, 1 booster, 1 protein shake.